Elements of Peace

Mediation Process


Step by Step


Step 1 – Free Consultation

Our first step is a free 30-minute consultation. This is our opportunity to make sure we understand the perspective of each party involved in mediation and the nature of the dispute. Then, together, we decide whether we can meet your needs. If not, we refer you to someone we believe would be better able to serve you.


Step 2 – Digging Deeper

Once we all agree that we can work together, we dig deeper. We work with each of the parties separately to better understand the scope of the disagreement and each party’s desired outcome.


Step 3 – Mediating

We sit down together to begin mediation discussions involving one or more of our facilitators (co-mediators). The process may take more than one session. Our goal is to help each party be heard and understood by the other. Then we work with you to find one or more options that will resolve the issue.


Step 4 – Resolution

Once everyone is in agreement, we work with all parties to create a memorandum of understanding that describes the terms of your agreement in detail. In other words, we memorialize your agreement.

Sometimes the parties cannot reach a final agreement—this is referred to as an impasse. Even then, we’ve found that going through the mediation process improves the parties’ understanding of the situation, so everyone is better prepared for the future. Oftentimes, the parties keep talking after mediation and do ultimately achieve resolution.