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Mediation from Elements of Peace

Serving the Denver community, Elements of Peace works with couples, families, businesses and communities to facilitate conflict resolution. We are trained mediators, mental health professionals and facilitators with more than 60 years of combined experience helping our clients resolve their disputes.

Our goal is always the same: To see all parties walk away with peace of mind. That means knowing they have engaged in a constructive dialog, found common ground and been treated fairly—and that the best possible outcome has been achieved.

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What Sets Us Apart


The purpose of mediation is to help people resolve their differences—at work, at home and in the community. You might be considering a lawyer to handle your mediation or a counselor to help you resolve a family conflict. As trained mediators, mental health professionals and facilitators, we may offer a better solution.

During the resolution process, a lawyer will be looking at what the law says, the legal issues. In contrast, we’re trying to help you reach an agreement that works for your family, your community or your business. When faced with an interpersonal conflict, a counselor will often be looking at the past, asking—What happened and why? In contrast, we focus on the future. We ask—Where are you now? What are the positions on all sides? And what steps can you take to move forward? Whether you’re engaged in a legal dispute or trying to avoid one, we may be the right choice for you.


If you’re stuck—in a difficult family or marital conflict, a business partnership that isn’t working, a community discussion that’s gone off track or a contractual dispute that just isn’t getting resolved, we may be able to help.


Trusted Facilitators

As mediators, we adopt a neutral position. We strive to be a calm presence at the center of a dispute, practicing equanimity, compassion and appreciation for all viewpoints. We believe a productive and respectful dialog is the surest route to resolving any disagreement. And we are there to facilitate that process.

Elements of Peace adheres to and is bound by the codes of ethics laid out by the following governing bodies—


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